Faq - Plan A Powered By StaffStat


How does Plan A differ from any other staffing agency?

Plan A Powered By StaffStat is not a staffing agency. We’re a Complete People Strategy™ dedicated specifically to seniors’ care. Our main goal is help long term care and retirement homes across the country better optimize their internal resources, strengthen their foundation, and plan ahead for their future staffing needs—all of this to ensure that our most vulnerable population is safe and the frontline workers who care for them are supported. To learn more about The A+ Difference, check out our page here.

How does the complete strategy work?

Our Complete People Strategy™ works by first bolstering your own workforce through the power of StaffStat. With StaffStat’s Predictive Shift-Filling™ technology, you can see your shortages coming days, weeks and even months in advance. Posting your shift vacancies to your internal employees on StaffStat allows your shifts to be filled quickly, without ever having to call down the list. If you are unable to fill your shift, you can easily use the Post to The A Team button which allows you to reach our pool of thoroughly screened health care & allied professionals to help fulfil your staffing needs. StaffStat’s robust reports will also provide you with realtime data to help drive performance in your organization, and the Post Message & Media tools can help improve communication between leadership and your frontline staff. To book a one-on-one strategy session to learn more, click here.

Can our organization utilize the staffing component without the technology or vice versa?

At Plan A Powered By StaffStat, we believe that when technology can do the tedious work, people can do the important work. Our partners who embrace our Complete People Strategy™ are better able to optimize their staffing internally, and more accurately complement their team with Plan A resources when needed. To book a one-on-one strategy session to find out how we can assist your senior care home with our technology, our people, or our strategy as a whole, click here.

How do you vet Plan A employees to ensure only the highest quality are entering our home?

Due diligence is our top priority. Our screening and three-step interviewing processes guarantee that only the most compassionate and dependable health care professionals join our team. We also ensure that employee files & documentation are always kept up-to-date, exceed Ministry standards and are readily available whenever your home may require them.

Can our organization hire from the Plan A pool?

If you meet someone from The A Team who simply complements your team, has been dependable to your home, and takes amazing care of your residents, you can hire them after they work 450 hours in your home.

We already use a scheduling software, why should we use StaffStat?

StaffStat is a standalone shift-filling technology, not a scheduler. Utilizing StaffStat to predict your future shift vacancies and post them to your employees is the most efficient way to fill your open shifts AND access Canada’s largest pool of thoroughly-screened health care professionals. If your organization is wasting any time calling down lists, our technology eliminates that pain point. StaffStat can fill your shifts in seconds, regardless of your company’s size or structure.

Is StaffStat user-friendly? Will my staff like the system?

With an easy-to-use interface, posting and filling shifts, sending out messages and pulling reports takes only a matter of seconds. Regardless of their experience with technology, end users can easily navigate and understand how to respond to shift requests using any of our methods of communication. StaffStat also promotes personal autonomy and empowers your employees by allowing them to choose how they would like to be contacted for open shifts.

What can we expect during the implementation process?

Our team will guide you through the entire implementation process. You can anticipate an average timeline of 30 days from start to finish, and a commitment of 3.5 hours from your home.

What kind of support can we expect from StaffStat?

The StaffStat team prides themselves on providing the best possible customer service 24/7/365 for both your management and frontline users.

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