With increased concerns regarding the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), Plan A is closely following the Ministry’s Guidance for the Health Sector, including Screening, Reporting and Isolation. Please, connect with your local Plan A if you have any questions.

Our strategy is the only one in Canada focused solely on seniors' care.
It marries people and culture to innovation to help LTC organizations optimize their staffing.

Shifts filled in 2021

Hours of care provided to
senior care homes in 2021

Our recruitment teams work diligently to hire reliable and experienced health care professionals.

Our thorough 3 step screening and interviewing process guarantees that only the best health care professionals are made available to your organization.

We recruit our staff based on their knowledge, experience, attitude, and work ethic to ensure that our team meets your needs.

We work diligently to ensure that every member of our team adheres to Ministry standards.

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