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Empowering Long-Term Care and Retirement Through Innovative Staffing Solutions

At Plan A, we specialize in providing top-tier staffing solutions to long-term care and retirement homes. Our mission is clear: to ensure that every home has the staff it needs to offer the best possible care to its residents. In our pursuit of this mission, we found a powerful partner in StaffStat, a dynamic scheduling software designed to streamline and optimize staffing processes.

Our manual scheduling processes were time-consuming and prone to errors.

The integration of StaffStat marked a turning point for us. This robust software brought automation and precision to our staffing processes, transforming how we operate.

We are thrilled to work alongside StaffStat to better optimize staffing in Revera retirement residences across the country. This innovative technology is helping our residences with more than just filling shifts. StaffStat’s vision, mission, and core values upheld by their team closely match those of Revera’s and our partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence in care and service.

Brooke Allen

Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations, Revera Inc.

StaffStat is an easy and effective shift filling tool. Its intuitive and easy navigation permits you to connect with staff and post shifts fast and efficiently. No more long calling lists or endless back-and-forth emails. With StaffStat, we’ve experienced a significant reduction in administrative time and effort, allowing us to focus more on delivering quality service.

Carole Racine

Scheduling Coordinator, Au Chateau Home for the Aged

Plan A & StaffStat come together to offer a winning Long Term Care Staffing Strategy. We not only feel like we gained a partner we can rely on, we are confident that we have found a team who consistently delivers on integrity, people, and innovation.

Fraser Wilson

Former VP of LTC, Chartwell
StaffStat software dashboard
Discover How StaffStat Can Help

The right staff, in the right places, at the right times.

StaffStat’s intelligent algorithms take into account staff qualifications, availability, and workload to optimize shift assignments, reducing the administrative burden on management and improving overall operational efficiency. With StaffStat, Plan A experienced remarkable improvements in operational efficiency.

Reduced Scheduling Time

What used to take hours now takes minutes, with higher accuracy and less administrative strain.

Improved Staff Satisfaction

The transparent and equitable scheduling system increased staff morale and reduced turnover.

Scalability Achieved

StaffStat’s flexibility and scalability allowed us to expand our services more rapidly, reaching more facilities without compromising on quality.

Hang up the phone and take the thinking out of staffing.

Today, StaffStat continues to be an integral part of our operations. It supports our growth and helps us maintain our commitment to excellence as we scale. Looking ahead, we are excited about further harnessing the capabilities of StaffStat to innovate and expand our services.

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