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    Our Vision

    To be the leading strategic staffing model for seniors’ care across Canada.

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    Our Mission

    Connecting caring people through innovative technology and processes that create strong partnerships and a culture of quality care to keep our seniors safe.

Join The A Team

Your role is important to our seniors, our partners and their frontline staff. At Plan A, we have created a movement of empowered health care professionals who are truly making a difference in the sector. Experience work-life harmony, fair compensation, flexible scheduling and more when you become a valued member of our team.


Become a Partner

We’re not an agency. We’re a strategy. We marry people and culture to innovation to help optimize your workforce, strengthen your foundation with our frontline health care professionals and deepen your culture.


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Change the way your senior care home fills shifts forever with our powerful and intuitive technology. See your shift vacancies in advance, optimize your workforce, and access real-time data right from your fingertips.


Success Stories From Our Partners

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