Plan A Powered By StaffStat marries people and culture to innovation to help optimize your workforce, strengthen your foundation with our frontline & allied health care professionals and deepen your culture.

Founded in Sudbury,
ON in 2011

48 locations

1800+ employees dedicated
to our mission & vision

1000+ senior care organizations serviced across the country

17,000+ hours of care provided to our sector per week



Mandy’s passion for the Plan A vision is based on 8 years of work and experience in various roles with both Plan A Long Term Care Staffing and Recruitment and StaffStat. As the organization continues to grow across Canada, Mandy brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and understanding to the senior care sector.

Mandy works closely with her team to ensure the development, growth, and success of Plan A Powered by StaffStat priding herself on being a strong partner and advocate within the senior care sector.

Mandy is committed to service excellence, holding a high standard for the quality of care delivered to our most vulnerable population.

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Cindy fully embraces her role of Corporate Sites Manager at Plan A. Cindy is responsible for ensuring our senior care partners receive access to the highest quality health care professionals in their community. She works diligently to meet the staffing needs of our partners. Cindy can often be found championing the brand while developing, fostering and maintaining strong relationships with our pool of health care professionals and senior care partners. As a leader of the Corporate Sites team, she encourages motivation, promotion of self-development and guidance towards the achievement of team members’ goals. Cindy has a passion for helping others and is devoted to making a difference in the communities we service, ensuring our most vulnerable population receives the high quality care they deserve.

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Julie is the Technical Advancement Manager at Plan A Powered By StaffStat and has been with the organization for over four years. Beginning her career in the Client Success department has led Julie to truly understand what our partners value about our software and the vital role it has in our staffing strategy. Julie strives to continuously develop and strengthen our shift-filling solution to ensure she delivers on providing a software that is reliable, innovative, and unique. Julie oversees and collaborates with our development team on the enhancement of new features and tools, keeping feedback from our partners and sector at the forefront.

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Michael has been with the company nearly 5 years since StaffStat has been brought to market. He and his team are responsible to ensure everyone using StaffStat has been thoroughly trained. Ultimately, his success is achieved by working closely with each organization providing solutions to any staffing challenges and effectively implementing our complete people strategy for greater results. Michael and his team are dedicated to ensure the user experience is always at a top tier level providing 24/7 support 365 days a year to organizations when required. He is always happily and ready to serve you.

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People, culture, diversity, and inclusion have always been essential to Mandy in both her personal and professional life.  Professionally, Mandy believes that people are a company’s most valuable resource.  She is passionate about building and implementing strategies and programs that support the company’s ambitious growth, while preserving employee experience and enhancing its core culture.  Mandy’s role as a Director of People, Culture & Strategy is to equip Plan A Powered By StaffStat’s exceptional leaders with the skills and tools to create a culture of trust, a culture that is positive and adaptive, and a culture that empowers people to do great work while loving what they do.   

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