Want to automate shift-filling in your senior care home?

Hang up the phone and take the thinking out of staffing.

StaffStat® has automated the call-out process for senior care organizations, allowing you to connect with all of your employees about open shifts in a matter of seconds, putting time back into your organization to focus on keeping your residents safe and your employees supported.

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Interactive Dashboard

Take the thinking out of staffing & optimize your own workforce

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Smart Calendar™

Smart Staffing™ through AI
& automation


Predictive Shift-Filling™

See your staffing needs days, weeks and months in advance


Analytical Reports

Qualitative metrics to drive performance & improve bottom-line

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Post Memo™️

Enhance communication between leadership & frontline

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Post to The Team

Complement your team with Plan A resources when needed.

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Does your senior care organization use StaffStat to fill shifts?

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