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If You Need Qualified, Caring Staff For Your Retirement or LTC Home, We Can Help.

Plan A is dedicated to providing you with qualified, compassionate & dependable professionals for your organization. We pour our hearts into vetting our staff, ensuring that they deliver the unparalleled quality of care you expect.

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Why Our Partners Choose Plan A

Strengthen Your Team: Our partners have the unique opportunity of hiring from our staff pool of compassionate & dependable health care professionals to help strengthen their internal staffing foundation.

Thorough Training: Every member of our team must successfully complete modules on SURGE Learning which incorporates your home’s education and adheres to our sector’s standards.

3-Step Interview Process: Due diligence is a priority. Our screening and interviewing processes guarantee that only the most compassionate and dependable health care professionals join our team.

24 Hour Support & Service: We offer around-the-clock service to our partners. Rest assured knowing your frontline team will be supported and your residents will be safe & cared for by our fully-vetted staff.

Become a partner with Plan A

Even in challenging times, our network ensures there’s always a qualified professional ready to step in.

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